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What is Gmoji?

Remember, how amazing it is to give and especiallyto get presents!
Gmoji — is a mobile app, that makes process of giving presents simple, easy and technological! Select a present from catalogue and send it in conversation with anyone. Recipient will receive a link and choose the most convenient way to collect your present. That’s a fresh idea ;)
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Gifts, presents and compliments

more than 1000 presents
in 13 categories
Онлайн мессенджеры

Make presents online

You can give and receive presents in any social network
or messenger. Yeah!
Смартфон, чат

New keyboard with presents

Send gifts while chatting with friends

Gifts on any occasion or without it!

Already on board

We also have a cool keyboard!

With it you can make presents directly in a messenger or social network
This keyboard can be added to the standard IOS and Android keyboards. All products are listed in the form of icons split into different categories. Our keyboard is quite similar to the emoji one, which you already have in your smartphone
Gmoji keyboard

Gmoji — gifts on any occasion or without it!

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Gmoji Club

You can tell friends about Gmoji and get special bonuses
Share your unique link on Gmoji App and get bonuses which you can change for presents from us and our partners! Invite friends to Gmoji and gain a reward!
Available for mobile devices only
Делись уникальной ссылкой
Парень из поддержки

Any questions left? — Feel free to ask! We don’t bite

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